Elli Cler
личинка человека
what the actual fuck?? SURPRISE! graphic onscreen rape in a 16+ movie, yay!!!

i'm pretty sure they just took the rating from the english version, fwiw. which makes it worse, because apparently nobody even in UK cared enough for a damn warning??
what makes it worse, it's just a short (1-2 minute?) moment, NOT based on the sсript (it was a televised play). the director just decided to give the viewers A WONDERFUL SURPRISE!

as a directing decision, it is ugly, inappropriate and hurtful. but that is not a matter for the law.

matter of law is warnings and age-appropriate restrictions. i'm no fan of the latter. even without the gross misuse it's seen in our country recently. (although this, too, is remarkable. the system has been rendered so USELESS that i couldn't predict such an episode based on the rating, despite the hugely overrestrictive nature of the rating system.)
they should use BLOODY WARNINGS. specific warnings, as we do in fandom. 'disturbing sexual content' will do nicely, if the ~artists~ are too afraid to show their hands early.


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